Janet & Michael: Rainy Forest Wedding

Janet and Michael’s rainy day wedding at the beautiful Terra Cotta Conservation Area in Ontario was absolutely magical. Despite the fact that these two did everything they could to avoid rain on their wedding day (Janet actually went digging through years of weather reports and selected a date that hadn’t had rain for nearly a decade). So you can imagine our surprise when their big day came around … and it poured on us all. day. long. Yet I have never seen a bride with a more joyful spirit.

While the weather forced their plans for an outdoor ceremony indoors, and the bottom of Janet’s dress had a light mud stain on it – these two were beaming the entire time. They brought their fun and heartfelt wedding vision to life with colourful florals, a huge Korean buffet, tons of DIY elements, and an abundance of twinkly lights.

Here’s a quick excerpt from the happy couple themselves…

“We loved doing things a bit differently from the status quo. I loved hearing from our guests that this was their first outdoor wedding and how much they loved its simplicity and charm. Usually, Korean weddings entail a church ceremony with over 400+ guests, a massive buffet lunch at the local Mandarin and a traditional western style evening reception at a banquet hall afterwards. This format wasn’t really in line with what we envisioned for our wedding, but I definitely had moments of panic when I thought we should scrap our outdoor wedding idea and just did what everyone else did. I’m so glad we stuck to our original plan and invited people into a different way to do a wedding.”

Such a great reminder that you can do WHATEVER you want on your wedding day!

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