Lauren & Tanner: Campfire Engagement Session

“I would classify us as a very laid back couple. We love to explore and be outside. We count down for the summer months to come every year so that the camping season can begin and we can head into the backcountry and bring out our little green canoe. For such an “adventurous” couple we also act like we are 60 years old… we have 7 o’clock tea every night after work. This is a tradition we have taken over from Tanner’s parents. We just genuinely like to spend time with each other, something I hope to hold onto forever. As a couple we are very silly and frankly quite weird, but I love that we are always laughing together. We are teammates in everything we do.”

Safe to say, when I first got Lauren’s email inquiring about our photo + film services, I was so excited. I loved everything she described about her & Tanner’s relationship, and found it incredibly sweet that their lives were a balance between crazy adventures & 7 o’clock tea times.

So when it came to choosing where to shoot their engagement photos, it was a no-brainer. They knew that all they wanted was an open field, some pine trees, comfy clothes and a campfire. Evan and I had such an amazing time capturing these photos for Lauren & Tanner and we couldn’t get over how effortless their love was. They had no problem getting cute & cozy in front of our cameras, and we are so grateful that they trusted us to document such an exciting & special time in their lives.




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